With over 200,000 sqm of warehouse space across Oman, OWG owns and operates numerous 2PL and 3PL warehouses strategically located in key regions of Oman such as Ghala, Misfah, Rusayl, Sohar and Nizwa. Our comprehensively insured warehouses are available on short-term or long-term leases, with a selection of temperature-controlled areas and dry spaces. Our prime locations allow for expedited connectivity into the main consumer areas of the Muscat, Dhakilya, Dhofar and Batinah Governorates. This geographical positioning is unmatched in Oman, especially for distribution centers that need to be close to their key consumer
markets. OWG’s professionally managed and secure warehouse facilities store a diverse range of products for a large number of industries such as Food, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Dangerous Goods, and so on.

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2PL Services
We provide 2PL services through the provision of customized warehousing including racking, office space and equipment to be operated and managed by the client’s own personnel.

All our warehouses are equipped with the following facilities and can be provided at the request of the client: 

  • Hydraulic Docking Stations
  • Truck Charging Points
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Selective Racking System
  • Office Space
  • Maintenance Team on Site
  • Ample Parking Space

3PL Services
We provide a ‘Pallet-Based Billing’ to our 3PL clients where you pay only for what you store, i.e. per pallet / per day. Our 3PL warehouses are equipped with utilities, manpower, forklifts and many other services associated to warehousing operations. In addition, our facilities are managed and handled by an experienced team of warehouse professionals whose operations include management of inbound shipments, checking and verifying quantities and condition of the products, storage and outbound management. Using our Warehouse Management Software (WMS), our clients can coordinate, manage and monitor their entire supply chain from a single interface in real-time. At the time of order fulfillment, our highly skilled warehouse team picks out the specified items and its quantities as per the provided pick list, packs and loads them on to our distribution trucks. Our distribution network reaches customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way due to our strategic location to ensure accurate and on time deliveries. 

Why choose 3PL over renting your own warehouse?

  • No fixed rental cost, you only pay per pallet!
  • No extra manpower
  • No additional investment
  • No manual tracking
  • No expensive distribution