Light Gauge Steel (LGS)

SIG - Light Gauge Steel (LGS)

Light Gauge Steel (LGS)

SUPER™LGS was established to develop & provide cost effective, energy efficient and Green sustainable design & building technologies for Sultanate of Oman. Key factors:

  • Steel building components are stronger and lighter which results in a “safer structure”.
  • Low maintenance and a slower aging process.
  • The major reduction in construction time and being lightweight makes LGS cost effective and efficient. 
  • Our unique approach in manufacturing the structure offsite has a zero waste in material and boost construction speed up to 80%.


LGS has a high "strength to weight ratio", Individual members are lighter per unit length than traditional wood, steel or concrete framing members.

It is 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over without losing its physical properties.

Steel is inert and does not emit fumes, gases, vapor or support the growth of molds & fungi
thus its not hazardous
to health.

Steel is a non-combustible material and does not contribute fuel to a fire, or be susceptible to fire.

It is inorganic so will not
rot, warp, split or crack.

It is dimensionally stable – it does not expand or contract with moisture content.

Latest Technology are engineered structures which can be designed to meet any degree of loading such as high seismic or high wind loads.

Because it is produced in strict accordance with national standards, there is No variation in quality from region to region throughout world.

Uses of LGS Systems

SIG - LGS - Wall Panels

Wall Panels

SIG - LGS - Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

SIG - LGS -Mezzanine Joists

Mezzanine Joists

SIG - LGS - Portable Site Office

Portable Site Office

SIG - LGS - Fire Rated Portacabin

Fire Rated Portacabin

SIG - LGS -Roof & Ceiling Panel

Roof & Ceiling Panel